An importance discovered

Incorporated in the year 1986, a company originally operated a multi-level marketing company; scangold, was purchased by a handful of entrepreneurs. These individuals were running an engineering company specialized in services and repair.

During this same period, importance of rubber in the engineering sector was becoming apparent. Parts such as bushes, seals and mountings were hard to come by, prices were not competitive and at times, some products didn’t fulfil the expected requirements.

This was when those entrepreneurs decided to focus on this important and venture into the rubber market. Hence, Winsell (M) Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated.

Fast forward today after almost 3 decades, we’re a family owned business now striving to become the market leader in rubber product manufacturing.

We produce rubber products for a wide range of industries like automotive, electrical & electronics, mining, HVAC, furniture and more. The technology employed in creating these products is through compression moulding.

Besides our core focus to provide OEM services to manufacturing companies, we also produce custom made products and replacement products for the engineering, construction, poultry industries and so on.

We are always improving our technology standards to deliver the best quality at a competitive rate to our clients. For most having been with us over a long period, we always look forward to do business with our clients for the long term.

Use of compression moulding

Ready-made products

We have a vast range of ready made rubber products such as rubber bushes, anti-vibration pads, bumpers or fenders, pluckers, footing, grommets and many more.

Custom made or OEM

oem rubber products

We have been providing OEM services for the past 20 years and recommend our customers the right solution for their rubber product needs.